Someone Give This Truck Driver an Award

The logging industry is fraught with peril and danger. Not only are the roads nearly impassable, but the terrain quite dangerous. As such, logging truck drivers have a pretty steep learning curve. Depended on to carry the logistics train from the forest to the lumber yard, the owners are often under extreme pressure to find the cheapest solutions.

This makes the driver’s job even harder as they get the underpowered European MAN trucks to navigate some rather steep precipices. Being a logging truck operator necessitates a driver must be willing to go well off the beaten path. As many logging operations in Europe and North America occur in some of the most remote regions, the trucks they use to move vast quantities of lumber have to be versatile and willing to take a beating.

That said, a truck’s survivability rating plummets sharply after the back end is hanging off a cliff. Here, we see another truck operator pulling the same maneuver under similar circumstances. He demonstrates that in order to pull this turn-around, that back trailer has to hang off the edge.

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If that trailer was fully loaded? No chance. But thankfully, many of these truck operators are so skilled that they can use every inch of solid ground to their advantage.