Bet You’ve Never Seen A Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle Like This

Sure, you have seen your fair share of swamp buggies, but nothing takes the cake quite like this one! Pretty impressive, right? That is one tough swamp buggy for sure. The kicker? It’s completely homemade. Well, modified is more like it. This beast of a swamp buggy was created by a New Zealander named Richard. It was designed for New Zealand off-road, and what you’re looking at here is the off-road test.

Since it is pretty obvious that the Swamp buggy passed the test, I thought we would spend the rest of our time together looking at a few other curious oddities about this.

 For starters, check out the tires. Those are some pretty big balloons tacked onto the end of those axles. That helps the buggy gain traction, but what really helps are those snow chains stretched across the tires.

Remember, traction is simply a marriage of surface area and weight. Once those two come together, anything you add to that equation only helps. Hence, the chains really help that thing slog through the mud like a pro, even if we can only see heads above the water at times. They must put a lot of faith in those tires. Checkout some different military vehicles

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Second, notice the construction of the vehicle. In case you were wondering, that is a lot of wood you are staring at. Remember when I told you this entire thing was homemade? Well