Brave Bus Driver Tries To Squeeze Through Gap

The Needle’s Eye Highway is a point where two rock outcroppings touch. Beneath it is one narrow lane big enough to comfortably fit a Volkswagen Beetle through and not much else… Well, that’s what we thought, at least. How could a 44-passenger charter bus even hope to squeeze through such a narrow enclosure? If you are anything like us, you were probably betting the side paint, mirrors, lights, something would get scraped off easily.

After all passenger coaches aren’t known for their small dimensions or low profile. Heck, we’d feel nervous taking a brand new Chevy Silverado through that gap, let alone a commercially driven bus. For those unfamiliar with the area, Needle’s Eye Highway is located near Rapid City, South Dakota. It’s part of a scenic byway that crosses through Custer State Park and Wind Cave National Park.

It definitely offers some breathtaking views of the mountainous stretches of South Dakota and it’s not quite the “badlands” that the rest of South Dakota sometimes gets pegged with. All in all, the Needle’s Eye Highway is a perfect adventure for those looking to explore the northern reaches of the midwest. That said, something tells us that the driver of this fleet bus had probably passed through this point once before.

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