Most Captivating Copper Pipe Repair Demonstration

Sometimes there are times in your life when you just need to let things speak for themselves. Most of the time, they our moments caught on film, or at certain events. They move us in a unique way, they touch our soul. If you are a girl, things like a beautiful sunrise, a baby’s cry, or a litter of puppies. For us guys, massive engines, fast cars, and beautiful women tend to do the trick. Usually, those moments do not involve home repair, but this clip will certainly change your mind.

This was produced by the team at Eye Handy. This is also now known as your favorite home repair web series. Take a look and you will see why.This girl is easy on the eyes, smiling while she works, and seems to take instruction very well. It’s like you have the world’s most perfect woman staring at you from the screen. She is everything you could ask for. She is beautiful, somewhat dressed, and good at basic home repair. I’m not sure how adept she is at cleaning and cooking, but I would be willing to let those two slide.

Back to the matter at hand. I realize soldering is not something you usually do on a daily basis unless you are a home contractor, but I bet she inspires you to pick up some flux and copper pipe of your own. Aside from the distraction of her beauty, she really does a good job of soldering that copper pipe. She lays down the solder in a straight line, which is more than most guys can do.

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She certainly inspired me. As it happens, there is a whole slew of vids put out by the team at Eye Handy. They feature a different beauty in a different almost dressed article of