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pontiac lemans worst car names

30 Worst Car Names

Subaru B9 Tribeca This is what happens when you take an international car manufacturer who creates a vehicle with a name specific to one area of one city in one…

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Unbelievable Paving Machine is The Future

So everybody likes to ride the roads, but no one likes to endure the roadwork. Sound familiar? We have all found ourselves shaking a fist or two at some construction…

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Vulcan aircraft

Vulcan XH558 Aircraft Makes a Strange Sound

During the height of the Cold War, patrolling the maritime coastline for approaching submarines was very important to the United Kingdom. They needed a jet capable of high altitude and…

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Road Building Resembles 3D Printing With This New Machine

We all joke about following the Yellow Brick Road, but what if we could see a machine laying it down right in front of us? That’s precisely what the Dutch-company…

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This Bridge Building Machine Is Going To Change The World

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That isn’t a giant steel caterpillar rolling down the track; it’s the SLJ 900/32 Segmental Bridge Launching Machine. And it’s changed the world of bridge…

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The Most Exhilarating Way To Destroy A Pumpkin

The things you can do with a Ventrac Compact Tractor. There are multiple attachments for doing everything from golf course maintenance, to light grading for pre-construction. Yet, sometimes it’s fun…

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Excavator and Massive Train Battle It Out

A stretch of Atlanta track that deals with transport trains has become a different type of track altogether. It’s now ground zero for a contest of who gets up and…

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Most Captivating Copper Pipe Repair Demonstration

Sometimes there are times in your life when you just need to let things speak for themselves. Most of the time, they our moments caught on film, or at certain…

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How To Make Your Own Air Conditioner

Perhaps you have seen this before. This article shows you how to keep cool for under $15. It really works. Even though it is rudimentary, it operates on the same…

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Genius Native American Fish Trap Works Like A Charm

Before there were fancy rods and reels, before bass tournaments with prizes ranging from bass boats to large cash awards, people caught fish to eat. They used many different methods.…

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