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4×4 Dodge Ram Tries To Pull Down Stubborn Tree

Cutting down a tree isn’t hard.  However, getting it to land without damaging people and property can be tricky.  Once the tree is down, there’s still the issue left of…

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Tug O’ War FAIL: Chevy Folds Big Time

Let’s be honest. This is not so much a classic contest of who makes the better American truck – Chevy or Ford – but a contest to see which redneck…

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Someone Give This Truck Driver an Award

The logging industry is fraught with peril and danger. Not only are the roads nearly impassable, but the terrain quite dangerous. As such, logging truck drivers have a pretty steep…

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Unbelievable Paving Machine is The Future

So everybody likes to ride the roads, but no one likes to endure the roadwork. Sound familiar? We have all found ourselves shaking a fist or two at some construction…

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Ford Destroys Chevy in Blowout Tug of War

This is another one of those great tug-of-wars. Well, it’s a great tug-of-war if you are a Ford fan. If you happen to be of the Chevy persuasion you will…

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New Truck Tries to Load Cargo Ship on Flimsy Boards

Do you ever wonder how they load cargo onto massive ships? Well the demonstration sheds a bit of light on the subject. Keep in mind, most of the time, Gaffney…

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Dodge Ram 2500 with Cummins Engine Pulls Down a House

What’s expected to happen when an old house needs to be tore down? Rent an excavator, bulldozer, and a dump truck? No need with the Dodge Ram 2500 equipped with…

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Hoist Lift Truck

Hydraulic Lift Truck Gets Some Much Needed Help

We’ve all sat back and marveled at the sheer might of hydraulic lift trucks. They’re the guys who get the construction waste out – and boy do we ever load’em…

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4x4, offroad, truck

The High Performance, Tracked 4×4 Truck That Every Man Would Want

Who wouldn’t want to hop in the cockpit of a tank and take it for a spin? Well, for safety and rescue personnel traveling out into the snowy mountains and…

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When Loading a Car Goes Wrong

So often we’ll see instances of people using the most ridiculous techniques to load a car or truck into the back of another truck. When this story surfaced of a…

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