Dare Devil Full Size Pick Up Jump

The next time you think of doing something completely stupid, think of this guy. It’s because of people like this that they have to put things on fireworks that say light fuse and get away. This guy is absolutely crazy. Either that, or he’s brave with nerves of titanium, we can’t tell.
It looks like he’s lying in the sand, waiting for a dirt bike to jump over him. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Unless dirt bikes come with a massive tailgate, knobby tires, and a couple of extra tons, this guy is jumped by a full size, Ford, pick up truck.

Rather than go on about the dangers of performing such a stunt, we thought it would be a good idea to bring you a more instructional article. To that end, here are the following three things you will never need should you decide to perform a similar stunt. Take these to heart before you perform your stunt, it could be the last time you read them!

Right out of the gate, the helmet is completely unnecessary. Our subject is sporting one, and wears it well we might say. However, we cannot think of one single good reason why a helmet is crucial for the stunt. If you were screaming across the sand dunes on one of those sporty ATVs shown here, then a helmet might be necessary. Helmets and four wheelers are friends.

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For that matter, helmets and dirt bikes are friends. Many people owe his/her life to that snazzy ornament covering their head when they go too fast or take a nasty spill on the co