Excavator and Massive Train Battle It Out

A stretch of Atlanta track that deals with transport trains has become a different type of track altogether. It’s now ground zero for a contest of who gets up and goes the fastest: a diesel-powered locomotive or a diesel powered excavator. It’s really cool how they modified the excavator to be able to travel on rails and really makes me want to see what a car would look like on rails.

Starting off, it’s pretty clear the train has a severe disadvantage. I mean, come on! It’s hooked to nearly a dozen fully loaded rail cars full of cargo. Most diesel-electric locomotives weigh nearly a half million pounds and that’s without any additional fuel or rail cars attached. The most common variety we see out there is the General Electric AC6000CW. These trains have a whopping 6,500 hp engine. Can we get that in a Silverado?

Unfortunately, in order to get an engine of that magnitude into a train car would pretty much mean it certainly couldn’t act in a regular car. But, it is the mainline locomotive powering pretty much all the freight in the United States – mainly through CSX Transportation and the Union Pacific Railroad.

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Fact 1: Trains move 40%+ of the world’s cargo. If you want something to get from point A to point B, chances are you’ll need to take trains, planes, ships, and automobiles to