Fisherman Gets The Surprise of His Life

This story begins with a fisherman aboard a charter fishing boat hooked up to a nice fish. Without warning a massive barracuda jumps right in the boat. Deadly, sleek, and a mouth full of nasty fangs – these voracious predators can be found lurking in tropical waters spanning the Caribbean to the South China Sea.  What on earth would inspire them to fly out of the water into a boat, though?

A man recently was fighting a forty pound adult barracuda when it leaped right into his boat – right out of the clear blue waters off the coast of St. Augustine’s!  The fishermen rightly panic.  Those teeth are capable of delivering some gruesome wounds. These fishermen take the right precautions by isolating it and leaving it be until it suffocates.  But what are some of the reasons why barracuda jump onto man-made craft?

In October of 2010, Reuters reported a 45 year old woman receiving a critical chest wound from a barracuda.  Apparently, the four foot long fish was seen skipping across the water before it collided with her.  Injuries sustained required immediate medical evacuation but she did end up surviving.  Fishermen in the area who came to her aid vouched for the sighting.

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One of the many reasons for this behavior is characterized by the barracuda’s natural affinity towards shiny objects.  While no mention was made of any jewelry she had been w