Ford Destroys Chevy in Blowout Tug of War

This is another one of those great tug-of-wars. Well, it’s a great tug-of-war if you are a Ford fan. If you happen to be of the Chevy persuasion you will probably jump into defense mode. Why? Well, the Ford pulls the Chevy around the parking lot like a rag doll honestly. From the moment it starts, the mid 80s Chevy never has a chance. Perhaps it is a drive train issue. Maybe the ’94 Ford got the jump on him early.

Maybe he had better traction, you say. Who knows? Well, as it happens my friends, I do and I’m so glad you asked. Let’s dissect it a bit and see if we can shed some light on the issue. We may not be able to put the squabble to rest, but you can get frustrated honestly at least!
 For starters, we can rule suspension out of the equation. Suspension really has no bearing on how well a truck will pull anything.

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Yes, the Ford is lifted a bit higher than Chevy, but that’s because he has a nice little lift kit installed. So, that leads us to other things like engine size, traction, and wh