Fork Lift Driver Has a Must-See Coin Trick

Being a certified heavy duty fork lift driver is surprisingly tough. Many times, these operators are tasked with loading and unloading up to 36,000 lbs at a time. And with extremely expensive cargo – including hyper expensive import cars – we all want to know the skills that go into getting that cargo from point A to B.

It’s good to know that with the developing technology of hydraulic steering and controls, manufacturers such as Cat and Komatsu continue to produce heavy duty fork lift trucks that can get the job done and still be agile and light in handling. Here we get to see a fork lift truck driver pick a coin up off the ground with a huge fork tine. If he can do it – it’s worth looking at what’s under the hood.

It may seem like that one fork lift driver had an easy time with the coin trick, but there is a surprising amount of time that companies dedicate to getting their fork lift truck drivers up to snuff. And the reason is simple: the better the operator and equipment, the fewer accidents.

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Fork lifts are a precipitously dangerous vehicle to operate because they require an intimate understanding of inertia, weight distribution, and maneuvering in order to be successf