Four Wheel Drive Excavator Demolishes His Boss’s Car

To clear up the mess – it’s a “four wheel drive articulating loader”, not an excavator.  However, just about everyone that doesn’t drive one for a living calls it an excavator because ones this size are predominantly used in mining operators. These behemoths have wheels over twelve feet in diameter – making it relatively easy to run over a commercial sedan without a second thought.

However, it appears there is more at play during this interview as the excavator – sorry, Four Wheel Drive Articulating Loader – appears to stop, back up and then start back again even with a bunch of yelling in the background. Heck, the car alarm even went off.  Not to say that, in and of itself, means much because those excavators run a diesel engine so loud it’s amazing they were able to capture any sound at all.

The Story Behind the Destruction

It’s clear that there’s a man being interviewed by a reporter when the excavator decides to roll through the background.  Scouring the internet, it became rather clear there’s no good link in news sources to the origin of this clip. Whether it was a mining labor dispute or simply a well orchestrated stunt – the internet has absolutely nothing definitive when it comes to this.  Which is sort of annoying, isn’t it?

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A thorough research of every single occurrence across YouTube and various other streaming platforms reveals a lot of hubbub surrounding the authenticity of the destruction and ver