Genius Native American Fish Trap Works Like A Charm

Before there were fancy rods and reels, before bass tournaments with prizes ranging from bass boats to large cash awards, people caught fish to eat. They used many different methods. The Native Americans in particular were quite adept and skilled. This article features one of their fish traps. Check it out and get ready for a bit of inspiration from something so simple.

Pretty neat stuff, right? It’s funny how oftentimes we think of fishing as something that involves an action. You have to cast a line, or if you see too many survival shows, you have to throw a spear. However, there are plenty of ways to catch fish, and sometimes all you have to do is simply have a bit of patience. The next time you’re out in the wilderness, why not make one of these with your kids or grand kids and see what turns up.

The process could be pretty fun, and who knows, you might be more successful with this than a standard rod and reel set up. The Indians learn how to live off the land because they had to in order to survive.In doing so, that often meant that they would figure out ways to do things with great efficiency. This Fish trap is a perfect example of that. The only energy expended is the time it takes to build the trap. Once it is set, you can go about your day and do other things.

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Sure, it might not be as fun as using a standard rod and reel, but remember, the Indians were not fishing for fun. They had a village to feed. This rudimentary fish trap was very