How To Make Your Own Air Conditioner

Perhaps you have seen this before. This article shows you how to keep cool for under $15. It really works. Even though it is rudimentary, it operates on the same basic principle as your air conditioner at home. Who knew that all of the science and technology of that beast in your walls could be boiled down to a simple five gallon bucket and an electric fan? Well, we’re going to break it down for you so you can tackle this project yourself.

Air conditioners operate on a very simple scientific principle… heat exchange. In fact, air conditioning systems exploit this principle and as such, are one of the most efficient methods of cooling your home. Perhaps you’ve wondered how your system works. Well today is your day, my friend. Allow us to shed a little bit of light on the issue.

The best way to think of your air conditioner is that it is one large dehumidifier. Cold air cannot carry as much moisture as warm air. Therefore, if we can pull the moisture out of the air we will remove some of the heat, and thereby keep cool in the process. This occurs when a liquid moves from it’s liquid state to a gaseous state. This is the main idea behind your air conditioning system.

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Your AC uses a refrigerant that can move from a liquid to a gas at a very low temperature. It operates in a closed system and involves two sets of coils. The condenser coils house