Hydraulic Lift Truck Gets Some Much Needed Help

We’ve all sat back and marveled at the sheer might of hydraulic lift trucks. They’re the guys who get the construction waste out – and boy do we ever load’em up heavy. It’s no wonder with how much these lift trucks haul that we’re going to see some crazy antics along the way. But even a big hoist lift truck can try to pick up a load too big for its britches. Thankfully, these guys are on hand to give him some help.

It’s really hilarious to see how many people have to get on the front end of a national lift truck in order to compensate for the incredible amount of weight its trying to pull up onto its bed. The reason is simple: when a roll off truck pulls more than its own weight, there’s going to approach a time where its cargo lifts up the front end. The hydraulic lift on this truck is very powerful – so powerful in fact that it can even get itself into a little trouble from time to time.

Whether it’s pulling up a heavy cargo container or recovering a big rig from the side of the road: lifting a truck can be a pretty precarious thing. Too much weight on the wrong side, there’s the chance the cargo rolls off the truck and becomes a bigger hazard than it needs to be. That’s why we’ve set up a pretty easy system to make this process just a bit smoother.

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Step 1: Do The Numbers On Your Hydraulic Lift Truck If the weight of the rig you’re pulling out is greater than your own weight, you’re in for a bad day. There’s no such th