King of the Hills – 4 x 4 Rock Crawlers

Whether it’s an old souped up jeep or a custom made buggy – the world of 4 x 4 rock crawlers is constantly pushing the limits of what terrain can be conquered.  These vehicles have even been introduced into Formula Offroad as an officially sanctioned NASCAR event. These machines go through some absolutely brutal courses.  Drivers often take the brunt of it as they push their 4 x 4s past punishing boulders and slippery hills. 

While there is a burgeoning amateur league that uses souped up old Jeeps and pick-up trucks, the real engineering feats lie in the design and construction of custom 4 x 4 racers for a treacherous mix of mountains, sand, and mud. We’re going to take a closer look at what goes into both these off road vehicles and the courses they tread upon.

While plenty of events like the Bundy Hill Offroad feature standard and partially modified all-wheel drive vehicles, most of the larger events – such as the one in Johnson Valley, California – require custom chassis, engines, and tires in order to get the most out of their course.

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Building a semi-professional Formula Offroad 4 x 4 is an expensive and strenuous process, too.  In order to make it to the King of Hammers – one of the most highly anticip