Pilots Navigating the Mach Loop

The Mach Loop is a series of mountains in the UK (West Central Wales to be exact), dedicated to flying military jet aircraft for training purposes. The sky is usually filled with F-15s and Typhoon fighter jets doing professional flight training. On any given day when training occurs, the surrounding countryside is filled with people. Most of them are photographers looking to get some great shots of the jest as they scream by at Mach speed.

If you have ever seen a fighter jet snake through a series of mountains, you know why the hillsides are dotted with photographers and onlookers. They get a photo perspective from the Machynlleth Loop that you can not get from the ground with a zoom lens. The mountain range is used by the United Kingdom Royal Air Force, as well as the USAF (we have a military base close by in Lakenheath).

However, it is the UK fighter jets that are the most interesting part of this story. All of the UK jets are made by Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH. Who are they exactly? In short, they are more than just another airline manufacturer. They are a collaborative effort. Four European nations partnered together to create the company. Checkout some of the fastest military aircraft on earth.

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The UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain were allies anyway so the move made sense. What resulted was unparalleled shared access to aerospace technology developed independently by the fo