MAZ Two-Stroke Diesel Truck vs. Stump

Here is a MAZ Two-Stroke Diesel. For all of it’s size and mass, it still takes a few tugs before the giant root is pulled free. These Russian beasts initially featured a two-stroke diesel engine provided by none other than General Motors. Afterwards, they began to develop their own original designs and implemented them into later models beginning with the MAZ 500 series (Their original series started with the 200).

A few other things you might not know about this Belarus manufacturer that began production just after World War II. They produced transporter erector launchers, or TELs for short. In fact, they are considered to be the world’s largest producer of such devices. These trucks were used to launch ballistic missiles in a mobile environment.

As such, they were actually used by the United States military for launching our Scud B missiles during the Gulf War.However, once the Soviet Union was dissolved, their production run was understandably decreased. Having produced vehicles for public transportation use earlier, they began focusing on doing the same in an attempt to diversify the company. Checkout different types of military vehicles.

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After all, Belarus is a large country and transportation needs were growing. To that end, they manufactured several different series of buses that are used to transport passengers