Motorcyclist Bike Stunts Will Leave You Wanting More

Check out this girl on her motorcycle. Yes, that is really her motorcycle, and that is really her doing the stunts. She seems to like doing things with flair, and we will definitely give her a pass because her performance on this two minute long wheelie is flawless. It’s one thing to see a guy pop willies on a bike and try to impress motorists. It’s an entirely different matter to see her do the same thing. It ramps up the hotness factor to infinity, and makes you wonder just who is behind that helmet.

Well, I hate to break your heart, my friend, but I cannot help you with that today. I don’t have a clue who she is. I do know that she was dating the guy shooting this at the time. 

As for her, she is just a nameless standout hottie doing stunts on her motorcycle. However, the motorcycle, I can tell you a good deal about that. That’s a good old Kawasaki 636.

It’s also known as the Ninja ZX-6R. Among street bike models it is one of the more capable ones. Okay, so it is a blazing fast motorcycle. Part of this has to do with how the engine is set up. It is a four stroke, liquid cooled in line four engine. This 636 will allow you to get great performance on the track and in the city.

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The reason for this is its slow and mid range torque. Both of them have been increased a bit.

Furthermore, the engine rates pretty well. It comes in at 131 PS at 13,500