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The Most Beautiful Golf Trick Shots We’ve Ever Seen

Even if you have no interest in golf whatsoever, I bet this string of golf trick shots will pique your curiosity. These three beauties on the golf course. True, they…

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Dodge Ram 2500 with Cummins Engine Pulls Down a House

What’s expected to happen when an old house needs to be tore down? Rent an excavator, bulldozer, and a dump truck? No need with the Dodge Ram 2500 equipped with…

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Fisherman Gets The Surprise of His Life

This story begins with a fisherman aboard a charter fishing boat hooked up to a nice fish. Without warning a massive barracuda jumps right in the boat. Deadly, sleek, and…

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Fork Lift Driver Has a Must-See Coin Trick

Being a certified heavy duty fork lift driver is surprisingly tough. Many times, these operators are tasked with loading and unloading up to 36,000 lbs at a time. And with…

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Vulcan aircraft

Vulcan XH558 Aircraft Makes a Strange Sound

During the height of the Cold War, patrolling the maritime coastline for approaching submarines was very important to the United Kingdom. They needed a jet capable of high altitude and…

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Pilots Navigating the Mach Loop

The Mach Loop is a series of mountains in the UK (West Central Wales to be exact), dedicated to flying military jet aircraft for training purposes. The sky is usually…

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This Guy Was Hoping For A Catfish – What He Got Was Far Scarier

Hop into your fishing kayak and head out to the swamps for a weekend of catching the most delectable treats of the South – the catfish. Hunted for its delicate,…

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Hoist Lift Truck

Hydraulic Lift Truck Gets Some Much Needed Help

We’ve all sat back and marveled at the sheer might of hydraulic lift trucks. They’re the guys who get the construction waste out – and boy do we ever load’em…

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4x4, offroad, truck

The High Performance, Tracked 4×4 Truck That Every Man Would Want

Who wouldn’t want to hop in the cockpit of a tank and take it for a spin? Well, for safety and rescue personnel traveling out into the snowy mountains and…

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When Loading a Car Goes Wrong

So often we’ll see instances of people using the most ridiculous techniques to load a car or truck into the back of another truck. When this story surfaced of a…

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