Road Building Resembles 3D Printing With This New Machine

We all joke about following the Yellow Brick Road, but what if we could see a machine laying it down right in front of us? That’s precisely what the Dutch-company Vanku BV did when they designed the Tiger Stone. It’s a state of the art, revolutionary way to reduce injuries for workers and make a cost-efficient brick roadway that can be up to 6 yards in width. The Tiger Stone’s work looks pretty easy. Two to three workers feed the Tiger Stone bricks.

Unlike the old days of masonry, though, instead of spending long hours on all fours, mortaring and fitting, the masons just feed the machine bricks from an upright position while either a small bulldozer, or even assistants, bring them more bricks from the pile.It’s the creation of an entire brick road right before your eyes – without the fuss or hassle of back-breaking labor or long-term injury.

The Tiger Stone may very well change the face of masonry in a lot of ways. And because it does its own sorting, it’s possible to feed the Tiger Stone different patterns of stones – to give a multi layered, woven effect to streets, parks, and even driveways. Very few machines have really changed the process of building roads like the Tiger Stone, but times are changing. For instance, take a look at this machine that uses the same concept to build bridges.

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In the old days (now), it took a lot of manpower, tools, equipment, and planning in order to build a road or even an extended walkway. Activities like laying bricks could be very