Tarpon Fishing with Darcie, A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing

There’s nothing like saltwater fishing. Furthermore, there is nothing like a gorgeous bikini babe do a little saltwater fishing herself. Well, we have you covered both ways today my friends. This little article features none other than Darcizzle. If you don’t know who that is, perhaps a lesson in hot salt water fishing girls is in order.
 Darcizzle, better known as Darcie, grew up on the Florida coast. Originally from Miami, she currently resides in Boynton Beach, Florida, and takes weekly excursions on her 23 foot SEADEK Proline from the inlet. She writes for the prestigious Coastal Angler Magazine, giving out saltwater fishing tips and her own fishing report as well.

She fell in love with fishing at a young age, by fishing with her father (for some of you I just gave you the ultimate excuse to ramp up your fishing time). She has been saltwater fishing ever since. 

She has also amassed quite a following on social media. Her Facebook page sports over 22,000 followers, with her YouTube and Twitter, being just as impressive. Yet, her numbers are not as impressive as she is wrangling in this beast. She does a phenomenal job wrestling with this massive tarpon. It is not legendary, but meaty for sure. You are looking at a 100 pound Tarpon fight between fish and female my friend.

She tugs and toys with this flats fish for well over 15 minutes, before it “spits the hook” and swims away. That is the most frustrating thing when you are saltwater fishing.

 It’s as if you know how the story should end, but the fish doesn’t. You know for an hour or so you could be tugging, towing, and testing the strength of your line, but eventually the fish will end up in the net and on the deck of the boat.

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Trophy attained. When a fish “spits the hook”, it is almost as if you have been given the ultimate saltwater fly fishing middle finger from the sea itself. You paid good