The Best Pool Trick Shots You’ve Ever Seen

Every self respecting guy knows a pool trick shot or two. Mine is the classic behind the back shot. I can sit on a pool table and sink any ball I choose into the corner or side pockets with a fair amount of ease. Yet, don’t put me up against these billiard bosses. The stuff you see here is legendary. This is the type of thing where you notice a beautiful girl with a very plain looking guy and ask how they met.

When she replies, “Well, me and some of my girlfriends were at a pool hall one night…”. That’s all you need. Girls are attracted to guys who can do trick shots like these. It almost makes you want to pull up hours of trick shot vids on You tube to start learning. You can learn from masters, like one of these guys. He is known as “The Viper”.

His real name is Florian Kohler, and he has been inspiring trick shot enthusiasts for almost two decades now. One of his tricks features the spinning rim. The ball enters the rim as it spins on the table, then exits the rim unscathed to sink a ball in the corner pocket.

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Look for Florian a couple of other times, too. His face and hair are easily recognizable. A few of the clips look as if they were taken from his billiard “Venom Trick Shotâ