The High Performance, Tracked 4×4 Truck That Every Man Would Want

Who wouldn’t want to hop in the cockpit of a tank and take it for a spin? Well, for safety and rescue personnel traveling out into the snowy mountains and bad terrain, they just may get their wish with the new Ghe-O Rescue vehicle. It combines heavyweight track performance with fuel efficient turbo-charged diesels and a heavy duty transmission. It’s basically like taking all the best parts of a 4×4 off-roading truck, a sports car, and a tank and rolling them into one vehicle.

For those unfamiliar, The Ghe-O Rescue was a 4×4 vehicle designed in Romania to be used for firefighting operations and recovery. It can be equipped for medical operations, firefighting, exploration, or just general fun. The large wheel base created by the tracked system keeps this heavy 3.2 ton vehicle above the snow and ice while ensuring it also doesn’t sink into the mud.

We’re having a hard time thinking of a place we couldn’t take the Ghe-O Rescue vehicle except maybe a supermarket. This has all the ring-dings of a fantasy zombie apocalypse vehicle fit for the Walking Dead with all of the off road 4×4 capabilities we’d normally assign to massively turbo-charged modified trucks. The question is: who’s getting these beasts?

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Let’s look at the capabilities at a glance of the Ghe-O Rescue: • It can carry up to 170 gallons of water for firefighting operations. • Water pumps to spray that wa