The Most Beautiful Golf Trick Shots We’ve Ever Seen

Even if you have no interest in golf whatsoever, I bet this string of golf trick shots will pique your curiosity. These three beauties on the golf course. True, they aren’t wearing your standard golf attire, and I doubt they would be allowed on most golf courses dressed like this, but they sure do know what they’re doing with a golf ball! These girls know a thing or two about golfing. Tell me if you and two of your friends can work a golf ball like that. For that matter, if you put me and all of my golfing buddies together, we could not do what these beautiful ladies do.

Furthermore, search the internet. The only guy you can come up with who comes close to pulling off this mini golf ball stance is Tiger Woods. These ladies make him look like a kindergartner by comparison. All three of them have obvious skill and are quite deft at taming this tiny dimpled runt. Plus, they are drop dead gorgeous. That helps too. Yet look at the end for the real pay off.

That last golf shot in particular is quite impressive. Remember the first time you tried to hit a golf ball off the tee? Remember how many times it took you before you actually made contact with the ball? Now, take that moment and toss it high into the air. Now try to swing at that moment and see how many times it takes you before you make contact. That is pretty impossible stuff.

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This girl nails it, though, and sends the entire golf ball sailing across the lake. The water hazard is nothing but a small creek for her to skip at the end of the day. Her two fr