These Golf Trick Shots are Unbelievable

Bryan Bros are taking the world by storm with a viral mixture of talent and golf trickery! These two South Carolinians have been turning heads since they became viral nearly a year ago. Working off each other, they can turn happenstance into legend using golf clubs in ways the pros could never have imagined. It seems like a mixture of acrobatics and uncanny skill – but it’s obvious when you watch Wesley bounce a golf ball off his wedge into the colliding force of his brother’s driver that these two had already proven themselves in the world of professional golf.

George Bryan achieved the University of South Carolina’s record for career best scoring. His brother came in sixth – still quite an impressive feat for a university with a nationally acclaimed collegiate golf program. However, even with remarkable pro golf careers ahead for both of them – the world of PGA golf tournaments isn’t as smooth a ride as, say, the NFL or NBA.  Whereas the world of professional football and basketball offer lucrative contracts, signing bonuses and plenty of benefits – the US golf tour circuit doesn’t.

While professional golfers like Luke Donald gross nearly seven million annually, the median is somewhere closer to $16,000/year.  Not included in those numbers are the various association fees pro golfers have to pay in order to even compete.  They are also responsible for all their own expenses when it comes to lodging, food, and equipment.

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