This Bridge Building Machine Is Going To Change The World

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That isn’t a giant steel caterpillar rolling down the track; it’s the SLJ 900/32 Segmental Bridge Launching Machine. And it’s changed the world of bridge building forever. But where on earth did this machine come from, how efficiently does it build bridges, and how will it influence the future of construction? The SLJ900/32 was created by a Beijing firm known as the Beijing Wowjoint Machinery Company. As long as pylons are properly installed, the SLJ900/32 can extend past the pre-made bridge segment to lay down a further segment.

The advance legs of the Segmental Bridge Launching Machine hooks onto the advance pillars of the bridge section and uses that as support to bring a new section of bridge to the right area. Workers are merely there to look on and ensure the machine is okay. Otherwise, it’s almost a purely automatic process.

Right now, there’s only one Segmental Bridge Launching Machine. Undoubtedly, the Beijing Wowjoint Machinery Company is developing more to expand China’s growing rail and highway system – but what about other parts of the world? For centuries, the biggest impediment to rail has been the cost to produce it and keep it.

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Machines like the Segmental Bridge Launching Machine showcase a new world of possibilities where machines can build the costly bridge segments. This means, in places like India,