This Guy Almost Gets His Motorcycle Loaded… Almost!

I guess the best thing we can say here is at least he was not driving his motorcycle while trying to load it on a truck. Take a look and see what I mean. This guy is attempting to load his motorcycle in a manner that tends to defy human reason. However, to a guy, it makes perfect sense. We love jumping ramps and defying odds.

It’s what we first learned to do when we unwrapped those hot wheel cars at Christmas as a young boy. That orange track never seems to be enough. We improvise and hang it from doorways or counter tops to increase the speed. That’s pretty much what this guy is trying to do. And, to his credit, he is mostly successful.

I say mostly because the motorcycle does end up on its side like a fat pig taking a break, but at least he tried. At the end of the day, that’s all we have sometimes. The phrase “At least I tried,” has been uttered by guys on more than a few failed attempts. Even though it is not spoken in this instance, it is certainly implied.

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Yes, he probably could have gotten the other two people behind him, plus the person with the camera, to help him push the bike up the loading ramp and into the bed of his truck. H