This Guy Was Hoping For A Catfish – What He Got Was Far Scarier

Hop into your fishing kayak and head out to the swamps for a weekend of catching the most delectable treats of the South – the catfish. Hunted for its delicate, flaky meat and robust, succulent flavor, the catfish likes to lurk in shaded waters and underwater caves. Fishermen have used a variety of ways to call out the biggest catfish from the depths, but the stories of hunting the elusive catfish have become common fishing stories told in the Bayou and elsewhere.

This fisherman was using a common type of fishing kayak that is pedal driven in addition to using a paddle. This enables the fisherman to use his hands and still be able to move quickly if he needs to. And when you see that massive maw of an alligator come up out of the water, you’re instantly thankful this guy can move it at a moments notice.

Catfish fishermen often employ a series of traps and lures when working out at a paddle site – or a site that can only be reached by fishing kayak and small riverine craft. Often times, the best spots to hook this elusive fish are places that can’t be readily accessed by bigger craft which can scare catfish into hiding.

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Pedal-driven fishing kayaks not only offer enough room to pull up one of those big beasts, it also enables for near silent movement through the water. Watercrafts like the Hobie M