Tug O’ War FAIL: Chevy Folds Big Time

Let’s be honest. This is not so much a classic contest of who makes the better American truck – Chevy or Ford – but a contest to see which redneck rig has the most superpower. Both of these impressive builds have a lot of mudding and off-road potential, but in this head-to-head challenge: only one can be king. The Chevy in question has a big block 454 style engine – so it’s definitely got the horsepower to deliver the goods.

Unfortunately, it was also designed with a pivot bar between the two independent axles. A great addition for someone looking to crawl over steep rocks and through treacherously deep mud but a poor choice for going head-to-head with a modified F-350 frame. A soft metal frame is what dropped this Goliath down to its knees – not engine power. Touting some heavy 64” mudding tires, it doesn’t have that low base of gravity necessary for a true contest of Ford vs. Chevy.

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And neither of the vehicles in question have anything Ford or Chevy stock on them except maybe the frame and upholstery. In multiple contests of commensurate trucks – such as