Vulcan XH558 Aircraft Makes a Strange Sound

During the height of the Cold War, patrolling the maritime coastline for approaching submarines was very important to the United Kingdom. They needed a jet capable of high altitude and low altitude reconnaissance. Avro, the original manufacturer, produced over a hundred Vulcan XH-558 from 1961 to 1965. Technology was rapidly improving in leaps and bounds and it only took five years for them to be obsolete and another ten before the Vulcans were formally decommissioned altogether.

It’s a shame because it’s an absolutely beautiful military aircraft that makes a very distinct – some even call strange – noise as it flies in low altitude. Thankfully, the Walton family purchased one of the last Vulcan XH-558s and kept it in the UK for airshows. That’s how we’re seeing it now – one of the last Vulcans in existence and one of the last years it would fly ever again. In 2015, this craft was probably fifty years old when it touched tarmac for the last time.

Since then, it’s probably lying low in some hangar bay, getting oogled by jet fighter jets wishing they could take it for a test drive. For us civilians, however, it’s not a likely chance one of us will ever get to fly a Vulcan. This isn’t a typical private jet hire gig.

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For those who’ve attended professional flight training, you’ve likely become well acquainted with the history of jet airplanes and avionics. It’s been an incredibly rocky ro