When Salmon Fishing Gets Real

From the river beds of Oregon to the raging waters of Alaska, Pacific Salmon fishing season is one of the most anticipated and coveted for recreational fisherman.  These families of salmon typically breed up in the higher latitudes in the early spring before returning to the ocean to breed in the fall.

This is cause for a lot of excitement as novices and advanced fishers alike congregate along the river banks, casting lines through a hoard of silver and red scaled salmon. This illustrates a nice specimen of the Coho variety.  These guys can typically grow to be as heavy as 36 pounds.  The vast majority, though, are typically caught between 7 and 13 pounds.  Where this was shot, it’s likely they had been near Astoria in Oregon.

That is one of only a few outlets into the sea where these silver salmon can be caught as they make their way out to the Pacific.  While the wife sure seems utterly ecstatic, that enthusiasm (though a bit muted) is shared with just about every fisherman who’s enjoyed the thrill of salmon season.

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One of the most pristine opportunities to catch a very large salmon is in Alaska.  Along the Deshka river, which is largely accessible only by boat – fishermen have the un